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Party Hire

Birthday, Wedding Party or Anniversary …?
We have different size tents available for almost any occasion. Stretch tents can fit into awkward spaces and can even be set up on uneven terrain, freestanding or partly attached to an existing structure or around obstacles. The possibilities are endless.
We understand the challenges of organising an event from the inside. It can be stressful, and we are here to help: So you can concentrate on your event and your guests, please get in touch and we can discuss your particular requirements further.

Under the Tent

The complex and dynamic curves and shapes of the stretch tent just beg to be enhanced with light. We can supply all the lighting requirements and our lighting specialist will be more than happy to hear what you got in mind, or give him the freedom to surprise you.
We are proud to be collaborating with some of the leading event and wedding industry suppliers, who can provide all the furnishings between the floor and the roof, eg. tables and chairs, dance floor, stage, lights, sound system, food and wine etc. Please have a look at Partners and Links.
We offer individually tailored packages and are looking forward to talking to you about your requirements.
To get an idea of the tent size you will likely need, take a look at the Capacity Guide.
Please note that the space requirements in the Capacity Guide are very generous and for the most common configurations of the tents. We can give you an exact Tent/Capacity ratio, once we are familiar with your site and your plans.

Festival Hire

Whether you need a cover for a sound booth, a roof over the stage or give the audience shelter from the elements, we’ve got you covered.
Our tents are modular, so we can connect several tents together, making one huge covered space. Depending on weather, we can change the configuration of the tent to suit the prevailing conditions on the day, and with side skirts, we can effectively closedown several sides.
During longer events, we will not leave our tents unattended, so at least one of our staff will be available, should the conditions dictate a change in configuration.