Hire and Delivery Details

All of our marquees are available for short to medium term. Below you will find all the relevant hire and delivery details.

The hire and delivery charge includes the rigging, set up and pack down as well as delivery within 20km driving distance from Motueka. Outside of this area, a small delivery charge will apply. Read on for further hire details:

Hire Period

One hire period is generally 2 to 3 days. In exceptional circumstances, when the hire period exceeds 3 days, it is considered longer that one hire period. In that case, additional charges may apply. If you require a marquee for a medium term hire, upwards of 3 weeks, then we will set the hire charges and conditions in consultation with you.

If you wish to make some cost savings by providing additional rigging help, we are open to adjusting the hire charge accordingly. Extra help is always an option, but cost savings will only be achieved on tents larger than 150m2 and is only available to private clients.

For commercial customers who have their own staff, we are happy to discuss cost reducing options and other hire details on a case by case basis.

Every marquee installation comes with its own unique circumstances and therefore the hire charges can vary considerably from job to job. Let us know the purpose and location of your event and the number of guests. Based on this information, we will either be able to draw up a formal quote, get back to you for some clarifications or make an appointment for a site visit.

Hire the right size

Below are a few different examples of tent sizes and capacity. Of course we’ve got many other sizes and configurations available, from our smallest of just 48mto several hundred m2. Please also look at the Capacity Guide. Tents from 126m2 upwards come with optional side walls and can be partly enclosed. The Octabar can be fully enclosed with a mix of clear and white side walls. This is our most popular tent for weddings over 140 guests.

Our marquee system is modular, hence we can create the perfect size and shape that best fits your purpose.

Flexitent 7.5x9m (67.6m2). Total target price, including GST $ 1,190

Flexitent 7.5m x 9m (67.6m2). Up to 70 standing or seated in rows, up to 40 sitting at tables.

Flexitent 10.5m x 12m (126m2). Up to 130 standing or seated in rows, up to 65 sitting at tables. Set up at Appleby House

Flexitent 10.5m x 15m (157m2). Up to 170 standing or seated in rows, up to 80 sitting at tables.

Flexitent 12m x 18m (216m2). Up to 250 standing or seated in rows, up to 120 sitting at tables. Furniture by GK Event Hire

Flexitent Octa (286m2). Total hire charge target price, including GST $ 4,850

Flexitent Octa (286m2). Up to 300 standing or seated in rows, up to 170 sitting at tables. This tent can be fully enclosed with side walls.