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The Business

FlexiTenz – Stretch Tents

FlexiTenz –  Stretch Tent Hire is an event and wedding marquee supply business, committed to providing premium stretch tents hire and sale. Based in the Nelson area, we are ideally located to service a large area of the South Island in addition to the bottom of the North Island.

We know what it takes to organise and run an event. Therefore we believe the time you commit to your event and the experience you want for your audience and guests warrants only the best cover solutions available. Hence it is our desire to help make your event the best it can be. That desire sits at the core of our company’s ethos. We believe, that no other product offers the versatility, ambience and other countless benefits of a FlexiTenz Stretch Tent. As you read through these pages, we are confident you will agree with us.

Stretch Tents fabrics are a relatively new invention. FlexiTenz® Ltd is the first company to introduce the FlexiTenz tent system to the events industry. All our tents are available for hire and in special circumstances for purchase. It is exciting to offer our private, commercial and corporate clients such a high quality tensile membrane.

We have a close working relationship with our manufacturer, who is spearheading research and development of the stretch tent concept and tent design. It is this collaboration that ensures our customers get the best product currently available worldwide.

The Tent Fabric

The fabric is constructed in 2 or 3 layers and can either be translucent or block out. It is fully waterproof and its organic texture and enormous flexibility give it the unrivalled appeal. It has been engineered to withstand storm winds, thus making it one of the strongest temporary structures available. Our stretch tents conform to all the New Zealand’s building and fire retardancy standards. For structures over 100m², we provide engineering design calculations and obtain building consent from local authority.

How we work

At FlexiTenz – Stretch Tent Hire, we are a team of creative professionals with many years experience in the building and events industry. Thus we have a pragmatic approach to our work. Exploring and pushing the boundaries of what is possible with a stretch tent is in our DNA. During that process, we are striving to meet or exceed our clients’ expectations. Consequently, our design team will endeavor to come up with the best possible configuration and a set up plan for any given environment. In doing so, we  first and foremost consider the client’s wishes, followed by the nature and duration of the event, the setting and the weather.  

Where we work

Our home ground is the top half of the South Island. We generally work in the Nelson / Tasman, West Coast, Marlborough and Canterbury areas. However, we will consider anywhere in New Zealand, if the scope of the events allows for further travel. Even if you are located outside the Top of the South Island, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for an obligation free quote.

Large custom designed stretch tent set up. FlexiTenz - Stretch Tent Hire

FlexiTenz –  Stretch Tent Hire