Stretch Tents

What are Stretch Tents

Stretch tents are temporary or semi permanent structures, made from a flexible, strong and waterproof fabric. They are also known as frameless or hybrid marquees and occasionally referred to as ‘Bedouin’ or ‘Nomadic’ tents. These terms point to their origin in Africa, where our tents are still manufactured to this day. However, the modern stretch tent is a complete new and innovative tent system. They can be set up in a relatively short time and fit almost any space. Either freestanding and held up by internal poles or integrated into, and partly attached to an existing structure.

Why use Stretch Tents

For many years, the Events-Market has been dominated by traditional marquees. Their rectangular shape imitates that of a hall and they are made from flat, cold and shiny plastic. They fulfil their purpose well. The uniform walls and ceiling however create no atmosphere and do not fill us with joy and awe the way the stretch tents do.

The most popular space to set up stretch tents are flat, unsealed areas, where we can drive anchor pegs. In the urban environment however, where driving pegs is not possible, we can use anchor dead weights. By using a variation of pole length, it is also possible to create a great looking installation on uneven terrain, for example where the stretch tents reach over part of a planted garden or incorporate several levels of a terraced garden. This is an other situations, where the stretch tents have a great advantage over the traditional marquee, as only stretch tents can be set up on such uneven terrain, as for example in this amphitheater on the image below.

Live music and cinema set up. 360m2 Stretch tents at the Tahunanui holiday park amphitheater.

360m2 live music and cinema set up in an amphitheater.

All our tents are modular, which means we can join several tents together to cover hundreds of square meters. The jointing system is paired with a fully integrated internal gutter, which drains the water away from the tent. 

What is unique about Flexitenz

We have a large variety of tent sizes and shapes. In combination with the stretchy nature of the fabric, we have almost limitless flexibility in configurations. Hence we can work with the prevailing weather conditions. This means either having the stretch tents totally open or closing down some sides. With the use of drop sides, the tents can be entirely enclosed. A number of the drop sides are clear, which allows the guests inside to stay connected with the outside environment.

Stretch Tents