Own Your Own

Repeat User

Are you having repeat use for a temporary outdoor structure? If that is the case, it may be most cost effective to own your own stretch tent. The fabric comes in a variety of colours and can be printed on. If you are a business with repeat use, you can take advantage of the exciting branding possibilities and solutions. Hence the tent not only frames a space but also makes an eye catching and effective advertising tool.

Offer to Repeat User

Stretch tents are manufactured in any size and shape, and in a variety of colours. Have a look in the Gallery, under Custom Installations, at the many available colours. The Flexitenz team is always available to help. We can give advice relating to purpose orientated design, engineering and building consent work. Once your stretch tent is manufactured and delivered, Flexitenz offer two options: Set up and maintain the tent at regular intervals, or train your own staff to do so.

Custom installations are generally designed to fit a particular space and create a desired atmosphere. Therefore they are invariably owned by the client and can be purchased with a Flexitenz service contract.

You might be interested in a custom designed canopy, which is attach to an existing structure. Again, there are almost endless design and colour options possible. To help you with inspiration, we have posted some relevant images in Custom Installation.

Own your own stretch tent; wind and shade shelter by the pool

own your own stretch tent